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Apexis IP Control Pro app for iPhone and iPad

4.2 ( 2992 ratings )
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Developer: The Convenience Factory B.V.
4.99 USD
Current version: 1.20, last update: 5 months ago
First release : 09 Dec 2010
App size: 14.85 Mb

With this app you can remotely view and control your Apexis IP camera from your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. From wherever you are*! You can use it for example for home security (is someone breaking into your home?), home automation (did I leave the lights on?) or to watch your little baby kid while it sleeps.

- View the live video feed of your cameras
- Two-way audio
- Face detection and tracking!
- Support for QR-code scanning for P2P cameras
- Control the cameras in all 8 directions (if supported by the camera)
- Motion detection (only for cameras that support it): send mail on motion detection, set sensitivity, Quickly enable/disable the alarm
- Zoom in and out on the image by pinching (even when your camera doesnt support zoom)
- Fullscreen by rotating the device to a landscape position
- Fullscreen controls
- Swipe in fullscreen view to select another camera, this only work when not zoomed in (double tap to zoom to 100%)
- Take snapshots and save it to your camera roll
- Adjust brightness/contrast
- Mirror and flip is taken into account (so the controls will still work intuitively, even when the camera is mounted to a ceiling for example)
- Change camera resolution
- Adjust brightness and contrast
- Multiple camera support (up to 144 cameras)
- Mosaic view for showing 4 cameras (in landscape) and 6 cameras (in portrait) simultaneously
- Swipe in mosaic view to view more other cameras
- Possibility to lock PTZ controls and/or rotation
- iOS 7 supported
- Taking full advantage of retina display on iPhone 4, 4S and iPhone 5

- Use the controls on the screen: tap and hold to move the camera into that direction, release to stop the motion.
- Rotate the screen to view the image fullscreen, swipe in fullscreen (when not zoomed in) to select another camera
- Rotate in mosaic view to show the mosaic in fullscreen. Swipe mosaic view to show more.
- Use the pinch gesture on the image to zoom in and out, double tap to restore to the original size.
- In the fullscreen view tap the top of the screen to show a menu with extra options

Some of the Apexis models that are supported: APM-J010-WS, APM-J011-WS, APM-J012-WS, APM-J0111-WS, APM-J018-WS, APM-J0118-WS, APM-J0233-WS-IR, APM-J601-WS-IR, APM-J602-WS-IR, APM-J0210, APM-J0220, APM-J019Z, APM-J011-POE, APM-J803-WS, APM-J803-Z-WS, APM-J803-POE, APM-J803-Z-POE, APM-J901-Z-WS, APM-J602-IRC, APM-J602-WS-IRC, APM-J602-WS-IR, APM-J0233-WS-IRC, APM-J0233-WS-IR, APM-J0233-POE, APM-J0233-POE-IRC, APM-J011-WS, APM-J011-WS-IRC, APM-J011-WS-LC, APM-J011-POE, APM-J011-POE-IRC, APM-J012-L-WS, APM-J012-W, APM-H701-MPC-IR , APM-H602-MPC-WS-IR, H803, H804 etc and probably any other MJPEG compatible Apexis IP camera.
P2P cameras like Support APM-JP4035-WS, APM-JP4045-WS, APM-JP8015-WS, APM-JP8025-WS, APM-JP8035-WS, APM-JP6015-WS, APM-JP6235-WS ,APM-JP9015-WS.

Im not sure about all, because I couldnt test them all. For a complete list and user reports check


*3G/4G or wireless network connection required, to use non-P2P cameras outside your home network youll need to setup portforwarding on your router, see the FAQ.
Please note that Im an independent developer, I made this app commissioned by Apexis.

Pros and cons of Apexis IP Control Pro app for iPhone and iPad

Apexis IP Control Pro app good for

I use to love it, but those 2 last versions made desapear the control button, and I dont know wicht models are my 5 cameras and just both another one to instal.
great App, works perfect as described with Apexis cam. Thanks! I would be happy to see more features like video recording, sound + voice through cam. Continue good work please. update: seems perfect on first view! new version with two way audio is great! keep on your good work!
this app is a Must have application for everybody who buyed a Apexis ip Cam there are many free apps on the market but this one works perfect!! If somebody have problems to run it perfect check your wifi or cable Connection .ios 9 Support is include now . Thanks !
I spent forever trying to find an app to work with camera, this app allows me to control my camera from anywhere on 3G or wifi. Love the app
I like this app because I can easily see my Apexis cam on my iPhone 4. I think Apexis should includes this app with every cam they sell and they should pay the developer royalties, not make the end user pay for it separately. Having said that, it was worth the five buck to me! Thank you for writing it!
I like this app it operates the camera using all the features of the camera efficiently and does it in real time quickly , it was easy to setup , and I like it as much as you could like an app 5 out of 5 Good job and thanks. Mike CEO of a laptop shoppe

Some bad moments

the fix for optical zoom in version 1.09 was a bug. now you have no zoom control. in 1.08 was fine and working. please restore the old version or fix this in 1.09 asap. thanks!
I have so many crash with the App.. This app wont Work with detection and not send email after.. And I try to check the cam outside my wyfi and it doesnt work to.... Dont buy this app
App very well. Worth the money. Just wish I could listen to the mic that is on my ip camera.
App is a ripoff. No one to call when it does not work. Ready to just return camera and all. I also want my 5 Bucks back. Donot purchase till they get it fixed.
This app really doesnt do anything I cant do through accessing my camera through safari. Def not worth the money. I want my 5 bucks back. Update--- Ok maybe not as bad as my original review says. App does make it slightly easier than using safari. Wish u could record video through the app like on my laptop.
Everything works fine. I will give 5 stars if will have the option to listen and talk.