Apexis IP Control Pro App Reviews

65 add

New version

Thanks for the presets, works very well !


Marche nikel sur mon iphone

Très bien

Fonctionne très bien iPhone 6 iOS 9.2

It doesnt function!

Easy to install but we cant see the imagens.

Very good

Its a very good App, and its fast.

Control button

I use to love it, but those 2 last versions made desapear the control button, and I dont know wicht models are my 5 cameras and just both another one to instal.

Muito bom...



great App, works perfect as described with Apexis cam. Thanks! I would be happy to see more features like video recording, sound + voice through cam. Continue good work please. update: seems perfect on first view! new version with two way audio is great! keep on your good work!

1.09: now optical zoom not found!!!

the fix for optical zoom in version 1.09 was a bug. now you have no zoom control. in 1.08 was fine and working. please restore the old version or fix this in 1.09 asap. thanks!


Was noch

well done !

this app is a Must have application for everybody who buyed a Apexis ip Cam there are many free apps on the market but this one works perfect!! If somebody have problems to run it perfect check your wifi or cable Connection .ios 9 Support is include now . Thanks !

Love it

I spent forever trying to find an app to work with camera, this app allows me to control my camera from anywhere on 3G or wifi. Love the app

Good apexis cam controller

I like this app because I can easily see my Apexis cam on my iPhone 4. I think Apexis should includes this app with every cam they sell and they should pay the developer royalties, not make the end user pay for it separately. Having said that, it was worth the five buck to me! Thank you for writing it!

Very cool

I like this app it operates the camera using all the features of the camera efficiently and does it in real time quickly , it was easy to setup , and I like it as much as you could like an app 5 out of 5 Good job and thanks. Mike CEO of a laptop shoppe

Apexis App

Installed it today. It was very easy to setup with my iPhone and iPad. Its great to see the video in real time. A great app if you have IP cams in your home

Paid in the trash bag!!!! So bad to use

I have so many crash with the App.. This app wont Work with detection and not send email after.. And I try to check the cam outside my wyfi and it doesnt work to.... Dont buy this app


Great app. works perfect thanx

All functions good

Good App. All functions good now ( at least with the J802 camera) and useful indeed.

Audio bug

Sound quality got worse after upgrading

app ok

with wifi enabled crash

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